Resetting my blog

Maybe you wondering, maybe not, this is not my first blog post, but I restart my blog from skretch today. I paused blogging for over one year, because of lot of changes.

I’ll post here about parts of my daily developer, business, and private life. So expect posts about Cloud, IoT, and more.

Now I want to restart, and want to get rid of the old things …

If you like, you can find me old posts about Windows, Windows Phone, and also Silverlight on this website

Hello world, again!

Okay, it’s been a while since my last post. So … why not delete all and start from scratch. And that’s the reason why this blog is so empty.

My role as Senior Technical Evangelist has changed a lot in the last years, so I’m starting this blog with a hard reset to reflect this.

My personal goal is, to blog at least twice a month, about projects that I’m currently working on.